Seminars and workshops [preview]

This calendar offers a concise overview of the d&b seminars and workshops around the world. Use the filter possibilities to narrow the results. The individual entries link to the appropriate seminar/workshop page.

五月 2018

30 Electroacoustics seminar UK, Wakefield English
31 d&b Software and system fundamentals workshop UK, Wakefield 预约已满* English

六月 2018

05 d&basics workshop Germany, Backnang German
05 Séminaire Electroacoustique France, Paris French
06 - 08 Y/T-Series workshop Germany, Backnang German
06 d&b Software et System Fundamentals France, Paris French
07 d&big Networkshop France, Paris French
12 - 13 d&big Networkshop UK, Nailsworth 预约已满* English
26 - 27 Sound system optimisation seminar UK, Nailsworth 预约已满* English

七月 2018

10 Electroacoustics seminar UK, Nailsworth English
24 - 25 Line array workshop UK, Nailsworth English

预约已满*: 预约已满:本次讲座/研讨会当前预约已满。注册后,参与者将被添加到候补名单中。如果出现空位,参与者将会收到通知。