J-Series, V-Series and Y-Series workshop

This three day workshop is an introduction to the loudspeakers in the J-Series, the V-Series and the Y-Series and their use in a working environment. It includes an introduction to basic electroacoustics and familiarization with d&b mounting and rigging accessories. The workshop investigates the basics of the d&b planning and remote control software. The simulation of J, V and Y-Series applications is explained and worked on using practical examples. Participants are familiarized with specific optional features such as ArrayProcessing, both in theory and with listening sessions. Three days of in-depth knowledge about efficient planning and setup of these three Series.

The workshop is offered at various locations and as a result the content and order may vary as shown in the schedule bar below. The content can be viewed by clicking on Details next to each entry.

J-Series, V-Series and Y-Series workshop schedule and registration

J-Series, V-Series and Y-Series workshop schedule and registration

August 2018

28. - 30. J/V/Y-Series workshop USA, NC, Asheville Warteliste* English

Warteliste*: Dieses Seminar / dieser Workshop ist derzeit ausgebucht. Bei Anmeldung werden Sie auf die Warteliste gesetzt. Sie werden informiert, sobald ein Platz frei wird.