16 September 2016

Bangkok’s first German microbrewery offers quality beer and beats

When Bangkok based entrepreneur and businessman Supoj Theerawattanachai developed a taste for craft beer in the late 1990s, he found that there was only one place he could get it – a small restaurant on the city’s Sukhumvit Road – and it was exceedingly expensive. This gave Mr. Theerawattanachai the idea of starting his own entertainment venue, with microbrewery attached, and in 1999 he set up Bangkok’s first German brewery.

The German Tawandang Brewery chain recently launched the newest of three venues, currently Thailand’s largest and most successful microbrewery. On a Saturday night up to sixteen hundred people go to dine, drink sensibly priced beer, and watch Thailand’s top acts – including Body Slam, Mai Charoenpura, NUVO and Carabao.

“After the taste of the beer, entertainment is the biggest success factor for us,” explained Mr. Theerawattanachai, “so we invest heavily in sound and lighting. For the new venue, we wanted a system that could provide excellent quality in all areas, from the very front row to the seats farthest from the stage.” Reliability and after sales support were also key considerations. “We needed a system that would work for us seven days a week, 365 days a year. If the sound stops, the party stops, and that’s not a risk we can take.

“We looked at four international brands and one domestic brand, and we had almost reached a decision. Then, a local sound partner, One Systems Global, presented a solution from d&b audiotechnik. Our technical crew was really impressed. It had the best sound by far. As the official d&b distributor in Thailand, they will provide a five year warranty for our d&b equipment, with twenty four hour technical support and spare units available if we need them. This ensures that our business will be able to continue operating at all times, which gives us great peace of mind.”

The system design is based on the installation specific version of the Y-Series line arrays and B2-SUBs. “The Yi arrays are extremely accurate and predictable,” commented Alfonso Martín, Technical Director at One Systems Global. “With pattern control down to 500 Hz they have helped us to avoid many undesired reflections and dramatically improved speech intelligibility in all areas.”

The Y-Series also provided the ideal power to size ratio as Mr. Theerawattanachai explained: “We couldn’t have big equipment because the stage is almost as wide as the venue here, so the compact d&b kit is great for us. At the same time, the d&b amplifiers and loudspeakers can deliver very high levels, which gives us more than enough power for even the biggest acts. You can sit in the front row and enjoy the show without the B2-SUBs hurting your ears, and you also even get great sound in the VIP area under the balcony. We can also control the system remotely, helping us adjust levels as the place fills up.”

For Mr. Theerawattanachai the installed system ultimately offers a listening experience on par with the leading international tours that visit Thailand. “I went out to listen to some top flight artists and our sound at the German Tawandang Brewery is at least as good.”


Images courtesy of One Systems Global.