02 December 2016

Storytelling whatever the weather at Shanghai’s Happy Valley

Rated Class 4A, Shanghai Happy Valley, located at the scenic Shehan tourism resort, is rated among China’s highest quality amusement attractions. As the one of the largest theme park in China, the venue plays host to a number of spectacular shows from all over the world, including, most recently, Lake of Illusions in which a multimedia tower combines poetic storytelling and offbeat architecture with music, light, fire and water. Sat permanently in the heart of the park, the structure is described by its creators as a symbol of modernity, ‘where anything is possible.’

Each night up to fifteen hundred spectators gather for the 360° panoramic view and an audio experience delivered via a d&b V-Series system, supplied and supported by local Distributor, Sound Works Supplies. Protected for weather resistance, the system comprises the installation variant Vi8 and Vi12 line array loudspeakers; twelve Vi8s cater for the middle and far field while six Vi12s take care of the near field, with six Vi-SUBs for low end support, and E12-Ds for side fill. The complete installation is driven by the four channel D20 and D80 amplifiers.

Lake of Illusions is created, designed and produced by ECA2, a French event production company specializing in multimedia shows and large scale events. The prize winning company is known internationally for its tailor made productions at world expos, theme parks and sporting events, including the 1998 French World Cup, and the opening and closing ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

The technical installation took a month to complete with a further four weeks to undertake the rigorous programming procedures necessary to ensure the day to day safety and stability of the audio system. With sold out crowds almost every night, the planning and attention to detail has resulted in another successful attraction for the park, and an audio-visual sensation for visitors.


Imagery courtesy of Julien Panie