20 July 2016

d&b audiotechnik receives 2016 PALM Sound and Light award for Line Array Technology

The d&b ArrayCalc simulation software has been named winner of the Line Array Technology award at PALM Expo India 2016. This was the 6th year PALM has bestowed awards in recognition and honour of outstanding service and contribution in the fields of Stage, Sound and Light. As one of twenty winning engineers, businesses and manufacturers across the industry, the award for Line Array Technology was given with special reference to ArrayCalc’s optional enhancement tool, ArrayProcessing.

ArrayProcessing was introduced in ArrayCalc V8, a comprehensive simulation suite freely available to download here. Created to further intensify the clarity and tonal balance of d&b J-Series, V-Series and Y-Series line array systems, ArrayProcessing incorporates powerful filter algorithms that calculate and optimize the system’s sonic performance over an entire listening area. By enhancing spectral consistency ArrayProcessing ensures that every member of the audience experiences the same remarkable quality of sound, and by applying a target frequency response to different loudspeaker columns, each array delivers the same sonic character and coherence regardless of Series, length or splay settings.

As part of ArrayCalc, ArrayProcessing is fully integrated within the d&b Workflow, an intuitive methodology for planning, simulating and, via the R1 Remote control software, controlling d&b systems in mobile and permanent places.