07 October 2016

d&b NoizCalc receives PLASA Award for Innovation 2016

On Monday September 19th d&b NoizCalc was named in the 2016 PLASA Awards for Innovation. As part of the annual tradeshow the awards are widely recognized for being independently and impartially judged by industry experts. Among the criteria candidates must demonstrate a new style of thinking; improve technical practice; introduce new techniques, and provide commercial advantage.

On naming NoizCalc, one judge commented: “With open air events becoming more popular, issues of noise pollution are commonplace. Being able to accurately predict not just the speaker system coverage but also its environmental impact in the wider vicinity is increasingly important. NoizCalc addresses this issue with a comprehensive programme that is both accurate and easy to use.”

As part of the free d&b software toolkit, NoizCalc is designed for use during the event planning stage. By importing d&b ArrayCalc simulation software files, NoizCalc computes the propagation of sound from any number of d&b loudspeaker systems, providing acoustic consultants and system designers with the information they need to spot potential noise disturbance problems before they arise.

d&b GB’s Education and Application Support Technician, Hans Metger, presented the new software to the panel: “By spearheading the offsite noise prediction arena, we hope to raise awareness about how important offsite noise immisions are for contemporary outdoor events. With NoizCalc, PA companies now have a fighting chance at assessing how their sound systems can affect offsite communities, and take measures to reduce the negative impact. We feel receiving this award shows how important solving this issue is for the industry.”