23 June 2016

The d&b D20 amplifier receives Live Design’s Sound Product of the Year award 2016

Each year, the Live Design awards are given in honour of the people, projects and products making a difference in the world of entertainment design and technology. At this year’s cocktail reception in Manhattan, guests gathered to discover which solutions had been selected by the prestigious panel of professional designers for the 2016 sound equipment, and lighting projection accolades. The ceremony also bestowed six distinguished names with awards for excellence in design achievement, including the esteemed sound designer, Abe Jacob.

On naming the d&b D20 amplifier Sound Product of the Year, one judge commented: “Four channels of clean amplification with integrated DSP, analog and digital inputs, and programmable via a network? Yes, please!”

The 2 RU D20 amplifier is a flexible device, ideally suited to a range of applications where low to medium sound pressure levels are required. As part of the new generation of d&b amplifiers the D20 follows in the footsteps of the flagship D80, with the same Digital Signal Processing (DSP) platform and configurations for all d&b loudspeakers, with the exception of the M2 monitor and J-Series. Mobile or installed, this lightweight amplifier features an intuitive user-interface and four independent 1600W channels, each with two 16-band equalizers, and up to ten seconds of delay.