21 June 2016

d&b is 35. We are all d&b.
Welcome to why we do it, and thank you for trusting that we can.

From a garage to the global in 35 orbits around the sun.

It goes without saying that d&b today wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for a unique constellation of characters: the obsessive, the offbeat, the tenacious. They keep the pioneering spirit of 1981 alive, for an ever growing d&b community, and a world of listeners – the reason for it all.

With 35 years of history, d&b, together with its customers and users, has happily reached something like middle age: more mature but no less quirky, with lifetimes of passion still to give. The I am 35 campaign is a little like a family photo album: t-shirts on and telling stories, about what being a part of d&b means to them.

As for 35 so far, it’s been a busy year. The brand new QSC Q-SYS plug-in is all set to bring significant enhancements to the interoperability of permanently installed d&b systems, while the DS10 Audio network bridge is seamlessly connecting Dante enabled devices to the d&b amplifiers, whether permanently integrated or on the road. With festival season just around the corner, NoizCalc will be helping to bring clarity to the complex problem of noise disturbance at live open air events.

So thank you everyone, for making d&b history every day.


The d&b Image film and Image brochure feature the people behind the brand today.