18 November 2015

d&b Product Presentation puts point sources in the picture

The d&b GB team would be delighted to welcome you to attend their latest Product presentation on Wednesday 9th December in The Temporary Theatre Space, (formally know as The Shed), at the National Theatre, South Bank, London. The first session will start at 11:00 and be repeated at 14:00; both will last approximately two hours.

The presentation is a chance to get familiar with the latest system solutions from d&b, with a focus on the new V-Series point source loudspeakers and their rigging options.

Using The Temporary Theatre Space as a room template, Steve Jones from d&b Education and Application Support will talk you through the design of a suitable loudspeaker system and the benefits of the new V-Series point sources for such a space. There will be a chance to listen to the V7P, V10P and V-GSUB in a variety of configurations, alongside other d&b point source loudspeakers from the Y-Series and T-Series. Spaces are limited, so please book early to avoid disappointment.