The d&b EASE4 complete V2.7 package contains the following loudspeakers: Ci-Series: Ci45, Ci4-TOP, Ci60, Ci60 rotated horn, Ci7-SUB, Ci7-TOP, Ci80, Ci90, Ci90 rotated horn, Ci-SUB C-Series: B2-SUB, C3(DLL), C4-SUB, C4-TOP, C6, C690, C7-SUB, C7-TOP, E-Series: B4-SUB, E0, E12, E12 rotated horn, E12-D, E12-D rotated horn, E15-BX, E18-SUB, E3, E3 rotated horn, E6, E6 rotated horn, E8, E8 rotated horn, E9 F-Series: B1-SUB, B2-SUB, F1220-60, F1220-90, F1222-60, F1222-90, F2-60, F2-90 Monitors: M2, M4, M6, MAX, MAX12 Q-Series: Q7, Q7 rotated horn, Q10, Q10 rotated horn, Q-SUB T-Series: B4-SUB, T10PS, T-SUB xA-Series: 10A, 10A-D, 10AL, 10AL-D, 18A-SUB, 27A-SUB xS-Series: 4S, 5S, 8S, 10S vertical, 10S horizontal, 10S-D vertical, 10S-D horizontal, 12S vertical, 12S horizontal, 12S-D vertical, 12S-D horizontal, 18S-SUB, 27S-SUB