d&basics workshop in Yokohama, Japan: small print


No previous experience with d&b products is necessary.

The goal

During this session the participants are introduced with the basics of acoustics, loudspeaker characteristics and design. The E-Series, T-Series, Y-Series and Monitor systems are presented, as are the d&b amplifiers, both in theory and with listening sessions.



The day starts with an informal introduction that familiarizes everyone with the seminar presenters’ and attendees’ professional backgrounds.

De-mystifying audio

This takes a brief look at various audio phenomena, the knowledge of which lets everybody understand acoustics and to better comprehend how loudspeakers behave. It is followed by familiarizing the group with some basic principles of loudspeaker design and the influence they have on the directivity and frequency response. This session does away with complicated math and physics and lets the participants experience a variety of phenomena through a number of acoustic experiments.

d&b System reality

Having learned about the inner workings of acoustics and loudspeakers in general, a closer look is taken at the d&b approach to loudspeaker design, amplification and processing electronics. Starting with a bit of company history which is followed by an exploration of the System reality to discover why d&b does things the way d&b does them.

Introduction to the E-Series, T-Series, Y-Series and Monitors

A look at the features and intended applications of these lines of loudspeakers, their strengths and differences.

Hands on listening session

Most of the afternoon is dedicated to actually setting up different systems out of the three Series. Everybody can experience how the loudspeakers and amplifiers can be handled and, most importantly, how they sound.


The content is conveyed in a format that uses practical examples and encourages participants to exchange experiences and play an active role.

Number of participants

Maximum 10.


Free of charge.


One day.
From 10:00 to 18:30.


d&b audiotechnik JP
4-33-7 Higashiyamata, Tsuzuki-ku
Yokohama, 224-0023


Every participant is provided with a folder and USB stick containing all relevant documentation and software.


Every participant is presented with a certificate at the end of the event in which they have taken part.

How to register

To register click on the registration bar below and fill out the Registration form.

Participants will then be contacted via email as to availability. For further details, travel and accommodation information, please contact:

Manabu Kitaoka at +81 (0) 45 589-4001 or at .


Upon receipt of the registration form, participants will be sent written confirmation. If unable to attend, please inform d&b in writing six working days before the workshop begins. In the event that the workshop is cancelled for organizational reasons, d&b will of course inform participants in good time.

d&b reserve the right to make alterations and additions to the workshop and seminar programs.


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