J-Series, V-Series and Y-Series workshop in Asheville, NC, USA: small print

Due to high demand, registration does not guarantee a seat in the workshop. Please wait for confirmation communication from d&b prior to making any travel plans.


  • Registrants must be current owners, employed as a system technician of, or regular users of the J-Series, V-Series, or Y-Series line arrays.
  • Participants should be experienced in tackling sound problems and should want to develop their knowledge of d&b systems with a special focus on the J-Series, V-Series, and Y-Series line arrays and the d&b workflow.
  • Participants must be contacted by phone to verify registration and discuss goals of the attendees and of the workshop prior to registration confirmation.
  • A computer running Windows 7 or higher / OS X 10.7 or higher. Wired ethernet jack or equivalent dongle/adaptor is necessary to fully participate in the class.

The goal

Participants will become familiar and comfortable with the design, deployment and operation of the J, V, and Y-Series line array systems. This workshop will cover system design and rigging, the d&b Workflow including ArrayCalc system simulation software and R1 Remote control software, amplifiers and the filters available within, as well as listening to support and enhance understanding of the products.


  • Introduction. Design of the J-Series, V-Series, and Y-Series and discussion of the d&b product range.
  • Array theory. A product agnostic look at how line arrays function: both in theory and reality. Examples of different line array configurations will be demonstrated, how they sound, and why they sound the way they do. The class will cover the construction of line source cabinets versus point source boxes. Finally, these same principals will be related to larger low-frequency sources, including how to use sub arrays to control low frequency energy.
  • ArrayCalc system simulation software: Participants will be walked through an exercise to build a room, deploy a line source system, as well as front fills and a sub array. Time alignment and best practices when using ArrayCalc will be covered. Users familiar with ArrayCalc will be treated to tips and tricks that are only given at a d&b workshop.
  • Amplifiers. This class focuses on current amplifiers. Highlighting the most used functions as well as less prominent features and benefits. Loudspeaker specific configurations, filter sets and their uses will be discussed and demonstrated.
  • Networking. A 101 overview of how TCP/IP networking functions, as well as how it relates to the d&b amplifier network. Ethernet remote networks will be covered, including requirements for networking a reliable system. Students will have hands-on opportunities to connect and control d&b amplifier and loudspeaker.
  • R1 Remote control software. An opportunity for participants to walk thorough building an R1 interface from scratch, as well as using ArrayCalc to generate a unique prebuilt interface. Students will be taught how and when to manipulate pre-existing files, and when it is opportune to build a new control view from scratch.
  • Array hands-on. Attendees will learn to correctly and safely fly J-Series, V-Series, and Y-Series arrays, listen to the deployed sound system and the results of the loudspeaker specific filter sets. Additional listening will be conducted using cardioid subwoofers in a horizontal subwoofer array. Protective clothing and footwear is highly recommended as all participants will engage in the deployment of the arrays.
  • d&b ArrayProcessing. There will be a demo of the ArrayProcessing feature. Participants are introduced to simulation and calculation processes in ArrayCalc as well as to the transfer of the resulting ArrayProcessing settings using the R1 Remote control software. The workshop is supplemented by a listening session.


Content is taught in a way that encourages the participants to play an active role, for example exchanging experiences or using practical examples.

Number of participants

Maximum 16.


Free of charge.


Three Days.


Venue information will be provided upon registration confirmation.

How to register

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Upon receipt of the registration form, participants will be contacted by phone to confirm registration and discuss goals of the attendees and of the workshop. After registration acceptance, a written confirmation with hotel booking information, travel information and general event schedule will be sent. If unable to attend, please inform d&b as soon as possible so your seat can be made available to other registrants. In the event that the workshop is cancelled for organizational reasons, d&b will of course inform participants in good time. d&b reserves the right to make alterations and additions to the workshop and seminar programs.



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