d&b Software and system fundamentals workshop

Complex system planning. Performed efficiently. The system approach has always been a major priority at d&b. The d&b System Reality is now unimaginable without d&b software, and it represents a key component in planning and preparation.

This workshop is completely dedicated to the d&b workflow, with a focus on the software programs ArrayCalc and R1, from entering all the relevant data into the ArrayCalc planning software, via steps for simulating line arrays and point sources, through to generating an intuitive user interface for the R1 Remote control software, in order to send all the relevant parameters to d&b system amplifiers with only a few mouse clicks.

An entire day deals with d&b workflow and system basics.

The workshop is offered at various locations, as shown in the schedule bar below. The procedure and content of the workshop may vary, depending on the location. Click the "Details" link next to the date to view the content of each workshop.

Basics of electroacoustics as well as an introduction to d&b mounting and rigging accessories. These are some of the topics of the d&basics Workshop, the Y-Series and T-Series, or the J-Series and V-Series Workshops which must be booked separately.

d&b Software and system fundamentals workshop schedule and registration

d&b Software and system fundamentals workshop schedule and registration

noviembre 2018

19 d&b Software and system fundamentals workshop Germany, Backnang English
26 d&b Software- und Systemgrundlagen Workshop Germany, Backnang German

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