d&b Workflow workshop

Participants will become familiar and comfortable with the design, deployment and operation of a d&b sound system. This workshop will focus on the planning, deployment, and operation of mobile systems. Listening is a critical exercise in this workshop and will be used to support discussed theory and to familiarize attendees with d&b loudspeakers and amplifier functions. Participants are also introduced to the ArrayCalc system simulation software and R1 Remote control software for designing, configuring, and controlling d&b sound systems.

d&b Workflow workshop schedule and registration

d&b Workflow workshop schedule and registration

noviembre 2018

27 - 29 d&b Workflow workshop USA, NC, Asheville Completo* English

Completo*: No hay plazas: ya no queda ninguna plaza en este seminario/taller. Durante la inscripción, se añadirá a los asistentes a la lista de espera y se les informará cuando haya una plaza disponible.