Quality, passion, shared identity

d&b sets the tone in the professional audio industry – around the world. With its comprehensive system-based approach, the company offers its customers a broad range of hardware and software products, not to mention start to finish support, for bespoke audio solutions that are unrivalled in the market. In doing so, d&b regularly sets international standards both in fixed installations and mobile applications.

This success story has very little to do with luck, rather it’s almost entirely due to the ethos and ability of our co-workers. After all, they are the ones who define and embody the core values of our company. We’re talking about quality, passion and shared identity.

Quality is the result of a determination to never rest on one’s laurels. To stay curious. To never accept stagnation, in yourself or others. Passion is reflected in the ability to get excited. By precision and perfection. By fascinating audio sensations. By technological innovation. Our shared identity is underpinned by a deeply held belief in fairness, trust and openness in our relationships with colleagues, friends and partners. For shared success. And shared enjoyment of the work we do.

Does this sound like something you would like to be a part of? If so, find the vacancy that’s right for you on our jobs board.

Lovers of detail. Audio aficionados. Technology enthusiasts. And the perfectly normal.

Bored is the opposite of inspired. And you don’t want to be bored five days a week. You want more. To unleash your potential as part of a team. Develop further. Learn. Discover new things, and make them even better. Maybe you already have a passion for music, sound and technology.

Join the d&b family and get the best out of yourself. We will help you. Here we share our expertise. Not to mention the opportunities offered by an international company with regional roots. And the joy and excitement we feel for new colleagues who strive to identify with their work.

Joining d&b as a school leaver, student or intern

Are you inquisitive? Do you want to gain new insights? Apply yourself and develop, both personally and professionally? Show what you can do? Let us look together at what options we can offer you.

Joining d&b as a career starter

Have you successfully completed your apprenticeship or degree and are now looking for a challenge that fits with your career goals? We are ready and waiting.

Joining d&b as an experienced professional

Are you a specialist in your field? Are you happy to handle responsibility and hit the ground running? If you are good at what you do and passionate about doing it, you’ll be a perfect fit.

Joining d&b as a manager

Can you boost our growth by improving processes and inspiring people? Can you give colleagues the support to go beyond their limits? Can you sketch out the big picture and use it to devise new strategies? If so, we are eager to meet you.

Sending a speculative application to d&b

Are you a freethinker, all-rounder, audio fanatic or technical guru? But can’t find a suitable vacancy with us? Apply anyway. We might even create a new position – just for you.

Corporate culture, development opportunities and benefits

Job openings

We take a certain amount of pride in the fact that our inventive loudspeaker people have generated steady, above-average growth in recent years. After all, we don’t just design and develop the black boxes and their electronic innards at our facility in Backnang – for the most part, we put them together by hand here as well.

Job title Field of activity Location Job type
Sending a speculative application to d&b as school leaver, student or intern speculative application Backnang apprentices, students, pupil
Sending a speculative application to d&b speculative application Backnang career starters, experienced professionals, managers