Two approaches, one ambition.

Since d&b was founded in a garage three decades ago, two founding principles have stood the test of time: a commitment to the integrated refinement System reality brings, and the tenet of democracy for listeners. That is, a belief that everyone should experience the same quality of sound, regardless of their position in the audience. The spirit of d&b is fuelled by a fixation with delivering exceptional sound quality to everyone.

In pursuit of sustaining these core philosophies alongside the latest technical advances, two new launches are around the corner: the SL-Series and the d&b Soundscape.

As a large format line array system, the SL-Series is designed for events of significant size, such as those in arenas, stadiums and festivals. It delivers unprecedented broadband directivity control and significant headroom, with an extended low frequency response and an even cardioid dispersion pattern, maintained over the entire audio bandwidth.

d&b Soundscape allows for total control of an audience’s auditory stimuli; the listening experience is no longer defined by physics alone, but by the unlimited power of the imagination. The methodology accurately places sources and recreates acoustic environments, building the level of detail needed to craft an authentic, enveloping experience.

In short, these launches seek to deliver enhanced reality for listeners: More art. Less noise.

Find more details about the d&b Soundscape from 5th February.