D12 amplifier

The 3 RU two channel D12 amplifier delivers medium to high power into low impedance loads between 4 and 16 ohms and is ideally suited for use in both mobile and installation environments. The D12 contains setups for all d&b loudspeakers and a linear mode. The signal delay capability enables user definable settings of up to 340 msec (=100 m/328.1 ft) to be applied independently to each channel. The same applies to the 4-band parametric equalizer, providing optional boost/cut or notch filtering. The D12 incorporates a digital rotary encoder and a LCD display to configure the amplifier.

The D12 utilizes an autosensing switch mode power supply for mains voltages 120 V/230 V, 50 - 60 Hz (optional 100/200V). The D12 amplifier incorporates d&b SenseDrive for accurate control of LF drivers in d&b loudspeakers driven in 2-Way Active mode or in actively driven d&b subwoofers. When the D12 is fitted with EP5 connectors and appropriate 5 wire cabling, d&b SenseDrive can be used, resulting in an extremely precise bass performance even at high levels. NL4 and NL8 connector options are also available. RJ 45 connectors enable access to the Remote network via CAN-Bus. d&b System check verifies that the system performs within a predefined condition, whilst d&b Load monitoring enables an automatic and continuous impedance monitoring. Both can determine the status of an LF or HF driver in systems with multiple elements, even if these are crossed over passively.



Controlli e indicatori
POWER Interruttore di accensione
SROLL/EDIT Encoder rotativo digitale
Display Schermo a cristalli liquidi (LCD)/120 x 32 pixel
ISP, GR, OVL A/B Indicatori LED
Elaborazione Digitale del Segnale
Equalizzatore Parametrico a 4 bande/Notch
Latenza degli ingressi analogici e digitali 0,3 msec
Impostazione Delay 0,3 – 340 msec con passi di 0,1 msec
Configurazioni Sistemi di altoparlanti d&b correnti e modalità lineare
Switch di funzione Circuiti specifici per i sistemi di altoparlanti d&b
Generatore di frequenza Rumore rosa o tono Sinusoidale
Frequenza di campionamento 96 kHz/27 Bit ADC/24 Bit DAC
INPUT ANALOG (A1, A2) 3 pin XLR femmina
ANALOG LINK (A1, A2) 3 pin XLR maschio
INPUT DIGITAL (D1, D2) 3 pin XLR femmina AES 3
DIGITAL LINK (Output) 3 pin XLR maschio
Frequenza di campionamento 48 kHz/96 kHz
REMOTE 2 x RJ 45 in parallelo, CAN-Bus
SERVICE SUB-D9 femmina
Connettore alimentazione di rete powerCON®
Dati (modalità lineare con filtro subsonico)
Potenza d’uscita nominale (THD+N < 0.1%, entrambi i canali in funzione) 2 x 750 W su 8 ohm
2 x 1200 W su 4 ohm
Rapporto segnale/rumore S/N (non pesato, RMS) > 110 dBr
Alimentatore di tipo switching con auto rilevamento per tensioni 115/230 V, 50 - 60 Hz
100/200 V, 50 - 60 Hz opzionale
Dimensioni, peso
Altezza x larghezza x profondità 3 RU x 19” x 353 mm/13,9”
Peso 13 kg/28,7 lb

Comparazione tra gli amplificatori D6, D12 e D80



Titolo Lingua Data Dimensioni
Amplificatore D12, Manuale hardware 4.9 italiano 26.02.2014 661 KB
D12 Firmware V2.32 Release notes International 23.11.2015 77 KB
D12 Hardware manual 4.9 inglese 26.02.2014 607 KB
D12 Software manual 5.5 en inglese 28.02.2013 601 KB
EU Declaration of Conformity (CE) International 06.03.2018 53 KB
The Amplifiers/Software brochure inglese 06.04.2018 7 MB
TI 315 D12 AES/EBU Input and Wiring inglese 27.08.2008 403 KB
TI 330 Cardioid Subwoofer Array - CSA inglese 08.09.2016 263 KB
TI 340 D12 SenseDrive inglese 11.03.2010 101 KB


Architectural specifications

Architectural specifications

Architects' and engineers' specification
The amplifier shall be dual channel incorporating digital signal processors (DSP) to provide loudspeaker specific configurations and functions for d&b loudspeakers. It will be equipped with digital and analog signal inputs as well as link outputs, remote control and monitoring capabilities and sophisticated protection circuits.
It will have a temperature and signal controlled fan to cool the internal assemblies. A user definable 4-band parametric equalizer, and signal delay capability of up to 340 ms shall be incorporated for independent application to each channel.
It will contain a signal generator offering pink noise or sine wave program.
Load monitoring and System check functions will be included to ascertain the status of the loudspeaker impedance. Load monitoring shall be included to allow impedance monitoring to determine the status of an LF or HF driver in systems with multiple elements, even if these are crossed over passively.
Load and Input Monitoring shall be suitable for use in applications compliant to EN 60849/IEC 60849 ‘Sound Systems for Emergency Purposes’.
Output configurations shall be selectable for dual channel, mixed TOP/SUB and 2-Way Active modes.
d&b SenseDrive will be incorporated for use with subwoofers and the LF drivers in active loudspeakers compensating for the influence of cables and to improve impulse response.
User interface shall be via a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) in conjunction with a digital rotary encoder and via the d&b Remote network.

Power supply:
The power supply shall be autosensing switched mode for use with 115/230 V 50-60 Hz supplies (optional 100/200 V) fitted with a mains inrush current limiter, self-resetting over temperature and overvoltage protection.

Power amplifier:
The power amplifier channels shall have a switch on delay, DC protection, self-resetting over temperature protection, output short circuit and overload protection.

Rated output power (THD+N < 0.1%):
2 x 750 W into 8 ohms, both channels driven
2 x 1200 W into 4 ohms, both channels driven

Damping factor: (20 Hz - 1 kHz, Ref. 4 Ohm): >200
S/N ratio (unweighted, RMS): > 110 dBr
Output connectors: EP5*, NL4 and NL8* options.
*SenseDrive function only in conjunction with EP5 and NL8 connectors

Digital Signal Processing:
Sampling Rate: 96 kHz / 27 Bit ADC / 24 Bit DAC
Analog input latency: 0.3 ms (including conversion)
Delay: up to 340 ms (100 m/328 ft),
EQ: 4-band EQ with PEQ or Notch function
Frequency generator: pink noise and sine wave
Operator input inhibit/password protection

Analog inputs: 2 x XLR 3-pol. female, input impedance 44 kOhms, electronically balanced
Analog Link outputs: 2 x XLR 3-pol. male
Digital input (AES/EBU - AES 3): 1 x XLR 3-pol. female, input impedance 110 ohms, transformer balanced
Sampling: 48/96 kHz, 2Ch/n
Synchronisation: Word-Sync: PLL-locked to source (slave-mode)
Digital Link: 1 x XLR 3-pol. male, signal buffering (refresh), power fail bypass relay

Level control (input sensitivity): – 57.5 dB ... +6 dB with 0.5 dB detents.

Dimensions: (HxWxD): 3 RU x 19" x 353 mm / 13.9"
Weight: 13 kg / 29 lb

Manufacturer: d&b audiotechnik GmbH