28 Outubro 2016

Montreal Jazz Festival.

Just a few months prior the Montreal Jazz Festival a small gathering of audiophiles met at the Gesù Theater in downtown Montreal. "I was giving a demo of the Y-Series," said Francois Corbin, who runs the d&b office in Canada. "By chance, and unknown to me, the technical coordinator/outdoor venues for the Jazz Fest's Heineken Stage, Dan Meier, was there to assist."

"I wasn't specifically interested in the system Francois demonstrated at the Gesù," explained Meier. "But the d&b brand is something I like. I know there is a lot of choice in equipment, in size, and in directivity. This was really important for the Heineken Stage; this is a tent venue approximately sixty by sixty feet on top of some shipping containers. There are a lot of reflective surfaces and problems with low end reverberation, so I needed something that I knew would keep the sound energy focused on the audience. What I saw and heard at the demo gave me great confidence.

"I had already seen Francois' proposal for the Gesù," continued Meier. "His design aspect was very thorough. I am a touring sound engineer myself so seeing that was reassuring. When I asked if he could do something for the festival and asked was he willing to support the Heineken Stage, he said, 'of course'. His solution for the venue was good."

As it happens the Y-Series proved an ideal choice for the Heineken Stage. Meier describes the system: "We had left/right mains with subs, front fill, delay to the terrace, and delay for the VIP area which was inside a shipping container and just needed some lift in the HF region. It was really good - everyone was very happy. The performers were happy; all the visiting engineers that came with the various artists were very happy. All round it was a good experience."

Image courtesy of Benoit Rousseau ©