Amnon Harman

is the Chief Executive Officer of d&b audiotechnik. He has led the company since July 2014 and is responsible for strategy development and execution.

Before joining d&b Amnon held senior management positions at AUGUSTA Technologie AG, Novell, SUSE Linux, Deutsche Bank and Arthur D. Little. He holds two degrees, in aeronautical engineering and industrial engineering and management and has more than 25 years of experience in the areas of audio, software, electronics and consulting.

Amnon says: "Everything at d&b has to do with the best possible sound, this is why we are here. Our people are driven by the passion for innovation and quality. It is fantastic to lead a team that is so spirited and engaged, in a business that’s considered one of the founding fathers of the high end pro audio industry."

Markus Strohmeier

is the Chief Operations Officer at d&b audiotechnik. Since 2005 he has taken care of the supply chain including purchasing and production, and been responsible for Human Resources.

Before his life at d&b Markus worked for the BOSCH Group in the role of works director, and while employed overseas he took on the challenges of a loudspeaker manufacturer in the automotive industry.

Markus says: "Being part of d&b is simply exceptional. Everyone in the company carries with them such a high level of passion, that the corporate reality is truly unique. This culture is absorbed into our System reality, where customers can get the support they need from people who love what they do. You might say it sounds like fun - it is."

David Claringbold

is the Chief Marketing Officer at d&b audiotechnik. The former Director of Sydney Opera House joined d&b in March 2017 to lead marketing communications, public relations, brand management, market intelligence and product management.

At the iconic Sydney Opera House David held several senior management positions, most recently as Director Theatre and Events with responsibility for commercial performance, presenter marketing, technical direction and event operations. David started his career as a musician and sound engineer, and interrupted his engagement at Sydney Opera House only in 2004 for an assignment in London, as European Sales Manager for American technology company Euphonix. For his new role with d&b, David has relocated from Australia to Germany.

“d&b has changed the game in terms of what sound quality - and realizing expectation - is all about,” says David. “My relationship with d&b goes back to the late 1990s. At d&b the focus is only ever on one thing: developing solutions that go beyond expectation.”

Frank Bothe

is the Chief Technology Officer of d&b audiotechnik.

Frank joined the company in 1990 after completing a degree in physics at the University of Erlangen.

Frank says: "d&b gave me the chance to make my hobby my profession. Back then, as a twenty-some people company, creating professional loudspeakers was just pure fun. The amazing thing is today, with almost twenty times as many colleagues and all the changes to the way the company is organized we are still excited and driven by that passion about sound. Well, I think we can enjoy it even more now as the results of our work have become globally visible and highly regarded."

Jan Biermann

became Head of Research and Development in August 2017. Before he joined d&b, Jan held posts as Director of Research and Development in the semiconductor industry, inlcuding NewLogic Technologies in Austria, and the Bosch Automotive Electronics Business Unit in Germany. At his last post, he was responsible for 170 employees in Germany, India, and the Philippines.

Jan holds degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Technical University of Darmstadt, and in Business Administration.

“The driving force at d&b is curiosity and a passion for sound,” says Jan. “I am really excited every single day about working with the team to develop and deliver audio technology solutions that will shape unforgettable collective experiences in the future.”

Jens Nilsson

is d&b Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director since December 2017, responsible for Finance, Sales Finance, IT and Facility Management at d&b.

Originally from Sweden, Jens has been working in Germany for more than 20 years. He brings management experience from roles in Finance and Controlling, as well as Sales and Marketing. Jens graduated with a Business Sciences degree at the University of Gothenburg, and has a masters degree in Business Administration.

“It is fascinating to work with the people at d&b and to contribute shaping the further development of a thoroughly international company", says Jens.

Karen Wefelmeyer

is the HR Director of d&b audiotechnik. She is responsible for organizational development, people development and human resource management for the company.

Karen joined d&b in February 2016. Prior to d&b she was in charge of HR for multinational companies such as Sennheiser, and Gildemeister, working in Germany and Asia respectively. She holds an MBA in Business Administration, a Diploma in Economics, and is a certified mediator.

Karen says: “Do you look for a great place to work? Well, I have found one. d&b is just the right combination of passion and professionalism. The company is the living evidence that working with humour, knowledge and an open mindset will result in business success and growth. Why? Because d&b resonates the Wir-Gefühl - the team spirit - our customers, partners and colleagues share. And yes, d&b products are just great too. Come and see for yourself.”

Kay Lange

is handing over his current role as Chief Finance Officer to Jens Nilsson.

Kay joined the founders in 1986 after studying economics and management, besides working for rental companies as a stage manager and FOH engineer. He soon became the financial mastermind of the start-up.

Kay states: "It has been such good fortune to be part of d&b for so many years and to accompany it along its incredible journey to become one of the most respected players in pro audio. Besides the human side, all the remarkable people both inside d&b and within the industry, the apparently never ending formation of pioneering ideas and innovation keeps me inspired and excited."

Stephan Greiner

is the Chief Sales Officer at d&b audiotechnik. Appointed in March 2017, he heads up Global Sales and Sales Operations, as well as Education, Application Support, and Product Services.

With a degree in Electrical Engineering, Stephan’s professional career prior to d&b spans more than twenty five years, having held senior management positions at Siemens, Infineon Technologies, Osram, Everlight, and at the international LED manufacturer, Cree.

Stephan says: “The company’s passion to provide the best sound solutions to its customers appealed to me instantly. Our goal is to bring d&b to the next level through the development of new market segments and business models, together with our excellent partner network.”