21 Abril 2016

Amplifying the classics.

Oslo Opera House, home of Norwegian National Opera and Ballet, has some of the best acoustics of any building in the world. However, there are plenty of occasions when a loudspeaker system is needed, from ballet productions to rock and pop concerts.

To support these kinds of events, the opera house has implemented a d&b audiotechnik loudspeaker system designed by local partner Drammen Lyd.

Gerhard Hertzberg, Head of Sound at the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet, says, “Three of us can rig or unrig the system in just fifteen minutes, which makes it extremely fast and practical to set up for different types of productions.”

As well as providing outstanding sound for ballet performances, the d&b loudspeakers are ideal for touring productions to use. As a result, the system is paying for itself very quickly. “Now, all of our visiting artists are happy with the in-house system, which makes it easy to justify our investment with d&b,” says Gerhard.


Pictures courtesy of Erik Berg of The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet