An example of spatial sound reinforcement for open-air installations: Carmina Burana at a nature park.

Authors: Frutos-Bonilla, Javier; Rodigast, René; Zuleeg, Ralf
Publication Date: 21.02.2014

With its 3D-Audio system “SpatialSound Wave”, Fraunhofer IDMT collaborated with d&b Audiotechnik and other technical partners in the open air live production of Carl Orff’s "Carmina Burana" presented by “Christopherus Lebens- und Arbeitsgemeinschaft” in Laufenmühle/Welzheim at the nature park “Schwäbisch-Fränkischer Wald” in Germany. Based on the long time experience of Wave Field Synthesis, the “SpatialSound Wave” was used in a large auditorium to reproduce directional orchestra sounds and to recreate an acoustic environment with a compact number of loudspeakers without being limited to a small sweet-spot. To arrange 150 musicians over an 18 meters wide stage, eight 2-way loudspeakers were situated over 8 subwoofers placed in front of the stage and separated 2.4 meters from each other. In addition, six line arrays hanged 9 meters above the six middle front fields. These loudspeaker arrangements were aligned in time and level to create a unified frontal impression. Beside this, 30 smaller loudspeakers with a separation of 2 meters surrounded a tribune for 1300 spectators to simulate the early reflections and late reverberations of a virtual opera house. The new graphic user interface “SpatialSound Control” was tested as live sound application in this installation. The “SpatialSound Control”, among other functionalities, allows various users at different positions to simultaneously check and adjust the characteristics of the audio sources by using any tablet device with web-browsing capabilities.

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