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N° SSFDBNSITSSC-INT-2020-00682-006

19. Feb 2020
12 Participants
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Participants should be experienced in tackling sound engineering problems and should want to extend their expertise on the functionalities of how to integrate d&b system amplifiers. Participants should already have experience on how to handle PC-based computer systems and should have attended a d&b workshop on handling remote networks. Practised operation of the d&b R1 Remote software is a precondition. Please bring a laptop providing an RJ45 network adapter. The laptop must match the system requirements to run the d&b R1 Software. Please lookup all system requirements on www.dbaudio.com.

For R1 https://www.dbaudio.com/global/en/products/software/r1/#tab-technicaldata



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The Goal

Participants are introduced to advanced functions to implement d&b system and section monitoring and to operate and start-up possible redundant and integration applications, depending on their properties. Efficient configuration options are demonstrated, as well as the use and operation of special features in the software and hardware.


  • We start with an example of an integration scenario.
  • The basic audio signal chain from the sender to the system amplifiers is reviewed, as well as the various options.
  • Monitoring the input signal chain up to the amplifiers and the possible interruptions.
  • Monitoring the output signal path up to the loudspeaker, both manual and automatic.
  • Introduction and functionality of the R1 Service view.
  • Introduction to the functionality of amp and alarm presets, and how to configure and save them efficiently.
  • Use of external signal transducers and receivers by means of integrated GPIOs in the 10D and 30D amplifiers. Basic connecting procedures by means of external media controls.
  • The standard workflow to set d&b system amplifiers for a connection with external media control systems


The workshop or seminar content is conveyed in a format that encourages the participants to play an active role, for example exchanging experiences or using practical examples.


Every participant is provided with a folder and a USB stick containing all relevant documentation and working materials.


Every participant is presented with a certificate at the end of the event in which they have taken part.


Upon receipt of the registration form, participants will be sent written confirmation with a hotel brochure and map. If unable to attend, please inform d&b in writing six working days before the workshop begins. In the event that the workshop is cancelled for organizational reasons, d&b will, of course, inform participants in good time.

d&b reserve the right to make alterations and additions to the workshop and seminar programs.

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