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N° SSO-GB-2020-06-00745-002

16. Jun-17. Jun 2020 (11:00)
8 Participants
GBP 425.00


Participants should be familiar with sound system design, set up and commissioning. General knowledge of acoustic measurement systems is advantageous. To be able to participate in the hands-on part, please bring the following with you: Laptop computer (Windows PC or Apple computer with BootCamp and native Windows installation) and full-duplex audio interface with two inputs and two outputs on XLR connectors (please bring adaptors to XLR if your interface has different connectors). Please make sure that the audio interface is working properly with your computer.

We will be using a common software platform (Tuning Capture) for the seminar, so that everybody is able to perform measurements in the same way. A full licence of this software will be handed out as part of your seminar documentation on the seminar day.



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The Goal

The participants should be able to optimise a sound system with a newly acquired theoretical and practical knowledge and the help of a computer- based measurement system.


  • Introduction into the basics and history of relevant measurement technology.
  • Getting to know the system design and a “pre flight check” with the “system of the day”.
  • The following optimisation process involves a step by step path through the tuning of the system. The frequency response, the TOP-SUB alignment and the tuning and alignment of fill loudspeakers will be performed in theory and practice. This session requires the cooperation of the participants.
  • After listening to the complete tuned system, the seminar will be rounded up with a questions and answers session.


The workshop or seminar content is conveyed in a format that encourages the participants to play an active role, for example exchanging experiences or using practical examples.

Duration and Time

Two days.


Every participant is provided with a folder and USB stick containing all relevant documentation and software.


A certificate of attendance is available on request.


Upon receipt of the registration form, participants will be sent written confirmation and hotel information. If unable to attend, please inform d&b as soon as possible. In the event that the workshop is cancelled, d&b will inform participants in good time.

d&b reserve the right to make alterations and additions to the workshop and seminar programs.

How to register

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