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Nr. EAIPWS-GB-2019-00521-004

04. Sep 2019
12 Teilnehmer
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Knowledge of d&b systems is advantageous but not essential. Participants should be familiar with electroacoustics concepts and principles. Experience with Windows and/or Apple operating systems is also necessary.



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The Goal

Participants are familiarized with the basics of acoustics, loudspeaker characteristics and design. The xA-Series, xS-Series and xC-Series are introduced, as are the d&b installation amplifiers, both in theory and with listening sessions.


  • Introduction. The day starts with an informal introduction to the seminar presenters and fellow attendees.
  • System reality. Having covered the inner workings of acoustics and loudspeakers in general, we will take a closer look at the d&b “system” approach to loudspeaker design, amplification and processing electronics.
  • Loudspeaker design principles. This takes a brief look at some acoustical principles behind the installation range of loudspeakers, so that everyone understands how the loudspeakers behave. The group will be familiarized with some basic principles of loudspeaker design and the influence they have on directivity and frequency response. There’s no complicated maths and physics; participants experience a variety of phenomena through listening and acoustic experiments..
  • Introduction to the xS-Series, xA-Series, and xC-Series loudspeakers including subwoofers. A look at the features and intended applications of these loudspeakers; their strengths and differences with specific like for like comparisons including listening sessions.
  • Introduction to the installation specific integration features. An overview on how to integrate d&b systems with 3rd party control systems, as well as an introduction to input monitoring, load monitoring and override features.
  • Overview of amplifier GPIO functionality. An introduction to the d&b installation amplifiers general purpose input and output capability


The content is conveyed in a format that uses practical examples and encourages participants to exchange experiences and play an active role.

Duration and Time

One day.


Relevant documentation such as Technical Information and System Brochures will be available to take away.


A certificate of attendance is available on request.


If an overnight stay is required, select your preferences in the registration form and a list of recommended local places to stay will be included in your confirmation email.

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