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10. Sep 2019
12 Teilnehmer
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Participants should be experienced in tackling sound engineering problems and should want to acquire an introduction to the basics of the d&b software and system world. They should have experience in handling PC-based computer systems. Participants are advised to complete the Electroacoustics Seminar and d&b Product workshops beforehand. Please bring your own laptop running at least Windows 7 or higher or OS X 10.7 or higher with RJ45 network port or adapter.



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The Goal

Participants learn about the d&b workflow and how to implement it. They are shown how to send all the relevant parameters to the system by means of remote control software, from the start of system planning and simulation, through to the resulting user interface.


  • The d&b System Reality. What does a d&b system actually consist of?
  • The d&b Workflow overview. Introduction to the process for planning, simulation, remote network, and data transfer to system amplifiers.
  • d&b ArrayCalc planning software. d&b system configurations should only be planned using the proprietary ArrayCalc simulation program.
  • d&b R1 and Remote Network Basics. Basics of how to wire up remote networks, and of the R1 Remote control software. Creating a remote control user interface manually, and creating an intuitive R1 interface automatically from an existing ArrayCalc project.
  • Practical Part with d&b System Amplifiers. The workshop is rounded off by the participants learning how to configure the system amplifiers and to connect and load generated system parameters.


The content is conveyed in a format that uses practical examples and encourages participants to exchange experiences and play an active role.

Duration and Time

One day.


Every participant is provided with a USB stick containing all relevant documentation and software.


Following completion, a certificate of attendance is available on request.


Upon receipt of the registration form, participants will be sent written confirmation. If unable to attend, please inform us beforehand, with as much notice as possible. In the event that the workshop is cancelled for organizational reasons, d&b will of course inform participants in good time.

d&b reserve the right to make alterations and additions to the workshop and seminar programs.

How to register

To register click on the registration bar below and fill out the Registration form. Participants will then be contacted via email as to availability.

For further details, travel and accommodation information, please find contact underneath the Registration form.



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