Cultural Education with the help of the d&b Y-Series.

The National Library of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia is situated in Kazan City. Opened in 1865, the library stands as one of the most important centres of information and preservation of local culture in the region.

Long gone are the days of libraries resembling dusty storage facilities for books and being associated with absolute silence. Instead libraries are embracing the benefits of technology, increasingly becoming interactive, cultural meeting spaces, hosting events such as seminars, conferences, plays and live music. The National Library in Kazan is no exception to this evolution.

The library recently moved into a new building, as part of the National Cultural Centre complex and has been equipped with extra facilities and the latest technology to create a platform for urban cultural projects such as language courses, art exhibitions and music production. One of these added facilities is a multipurpose auditorium with space for a seated audience of up to 300 people, equipped with a d&b Y-Series line array system.

Local integrator AV Pro was tasked with the design and supply of a sound system that would provide “the best possible sound” and according to Alexandr Chinilkin, Technical Director at AV Pro, that’s why they chose d&b and contacted sales partner Aris Pro for support. “We were asked to deliver a compact sound system that would provide neutral sound and constant coverage. The stage was to be kept clear as the hall is a multipurpose space used for spoken word events as well as theatre, live music and dance performances. The system also had to be easy to set up and tune,” said Alexandr Chinilkin, Technical Director, AV Pro.

We chose the d&b Y-Series as it fulfils the brief in terms of sonic performance and the rigging is simple and easy to operate. To keep the stage clear we made the decision to fly the SUBs.Alexandr Chinilkin, Technical Director, AV Pro

The installed system is made up of two Y-Series line arrays consisting of four Y8 boxes either side with two Y-SUBs flown above. MAX2 monitors cover the stage and everything is powered by two 30D and one 10D amplifiers. A DS10 Audio network bridge interfaces between the Dante network and AES digital audio signals, eliminating the need for elaborate cable systems and instead enabling a flexible, digital approach, making system configuration changes much less labour intensive for the in-house engineers.

d&b was the right choice for the project as it ticks all the boxes in terms of sound, rigging and usability. The system exceeds the expectations of the customer! That's what we work for — when the people say to us ‘It sounds great!Alexandr Shamray, ARIS

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