d&b sparkles at Russian restaurant.


By day The Toy restaurant and bar in Moscow offers visitors a cool and relaxed atmosphere to enjoy lunch. By night the place transforms completely, turning into a symbiotic, wild creature, seamlessly combining its elegant interior and fine cuisine with the glamour and party spirit the Russian capital is known for.

Upon entering your gaze is immediately forced upwards. Following the impressive lines of the elaborately fitted, backlit pipes – in a striking organ-shaped display – to reach the full height of the reception area’s stylishly high ceiling. This is a monumental design statement, encapsulating what guests can expect from this bold establishment. The word opulence comes to mind.

This remarkable venue is the brainchild of successful restaurateur Alexander Vorobyov – a man renowned for his attention to detail and high standards of execution that extend to every aspect of his establishments, including the audio. d&b partner Aris was tasked with installing a brand new AV system and rose to the occasion with their choice of d&b.

With live shows and other entertainment part of the dining experience, guests can enjoy interactive spectacles five days a week, late into the night. At any time, the space between the exclusive booth-style table arrangements becomes the dancefloor; sparklers and champagne are in abundance. It wass clear The Toy required a flexible sound reinforcement system.

We needed a system that could deliver a balanced atmosphere between a restaurant and club environment. With the power to deliver high energy entertainment but without compromising the lavish interior design.Alexander Shamray, Head of Business Development, Aris

In such a stylish environment, the simply designed d&b cabinets are compact enough to provide all the power that’s needed but without impacting visually; in fact they blend gracefully into their surroundings.

Our final sound design with four Yi8 cabinets and six Bi6-SUBs a side, 10S-D front fills to cover the central seating area and E12-D extensions on stage, was able to meet all expectations. The system delivers the necessary headroom and power to be audible above a party atmosphere, whilst maintaining intelligibility.Alexander Shamray

The system ensures the audio is kept at comfortable levels throughout the space at any time, no matter what the hour or entertainment. This is the critical factor for this project – to enable the venue’s dual personality of restaurant and club - and the varying needs of its clientele - to exist in perfect harmony.

Finally, Aris provided the team at The Toy with training to ensure they were comfortable with the new system.

We’ve had nothing but positive feedback from the venue. They are equipped and ready for an exciting future, with everything they need to push their exclusive dining concept to ever greater heights.Alexander Shamray

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