ArrayProcessing delivers dream results at the DxBeach festival, Dubai


The most recent edition of the DXBeach festival in Dubai saw DJ Tiesto deliver a headline performance at Zero Gravity Beach Club, a fifteen hour event during which the club also debuted its new two thousand square metre pool expansion.

eclipse Staging Services deployed a d&b J-Series system. “Working on a beach presents inherent logistical challenges,” reasoned Head of Audio, John Parkhouse. “The inclusion of sizable PA towers to hold the main hangs as well as a severe amount of 'digging in' steel decks to house the comprehensive amount of subs gave us not only an aesthetically pleasing look but also bore sonic rewards which made it worth going the extra mile.”

Minimizing the risk of offsite noise complaints was a key concern, as senior audio engineer, Wissam Shaheen, explains. “The rear rejection on the sub array kept levels impressively low in the back of the venue. For example, when we were hitting 106 dBA at FoH, it was reading 90 dBA at the back of the stage, and that was during windy weather conditions. We spent a lot of time measuring the SPL all over the venue throughout the event – achieving such results is something we could only dream of not too long ago.”

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