d&b for sporting venues

Great sound connects the audience with the passion of their sporting idols and brings the atmosphere alive. Whether in the smallest sports centre or the grandest stadium, d&b installation specific systems meet the needs of multifunctional venues: absolute clarity for announcements, playback, emergency warning and alarm systems in case of evacuation, energy efficiency, as well as the power and dynamics required for top class live music performance.

Leading with experience and innovation

d&b audiotechik has long been known for its market leading position in live music, touring productions and permanent installations. Founded in Germany in 1981 the global d&b team numbers 500.

In close cooperation and consultancy with stakeholders of sports projects, we have consistently delivered performance audio solutions to globally renowned stadiums with clarity and fidelity ensuring the fan experience stays true and connected with the emotional journey on the pitch.


d&b’s newest venture d&b Fanblock – powered by Autograph Stadium Sound, delivers a real-time controlled, sound solution to venues without fans or with a reduced number of fans on site. Using a d&b sound system design positioned within an arena, d&b Fanblock creates a multi-channel surround sound system which, when combined with Autograph’s cutting-edge playback software, means stadiums are once again filled with the much-missed sound of fans.

Over the last few months, sports have faced disengaged fans, lower viewer numbers and anticlimactic games as the usual high atmosphere matches took place behind closed doors. In some cases, organisations have stepped in, with the National Football League (NFL) earlier this month announcing that sound must be played during all games to combat the negative impact of the quiet stands and recreate some of the vital dynamic energy brought to the game by a noisy, responsive crowd.

Custom Solutions

In a stadium setting sound must reach thousands of spectators from the very first to the very last rows; an area often exceeding 90°. This is why d&b has developed SVS (Special Version Stadium) loudspeakers.

SVS loudspeakers can be mounted under roofs or catwalks, with extra protection against rain and full consideration of wind loads and seismic activity. Using threaded inserts instead of integral rigging, cabinets are mechanically supported by side plates and metal brackets designed to