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No. NCSSC-INT-2019-00553-004

23. Oct-24. Oct 2019 (09:30)
12 Attendees
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Participants should be experienced in setting up and using d&b systems. Practical use of the d&b R1 Remote Control and ArrayCalc software is mandatory. Knowledge and practical experience with Dante audio networks are required. Please bring a laptop running Windows 7/MAC OS X 10.7 (Lion) or higher with an RJ45 network port or adapter.



The previous attendance at, at least, one of the following training courses is required:/ To participate in the workshop, at least one of the following training courses must have been attended beforehand:/ Prior participation in at least one of the following training courses is required:

  • J/V or Y/T or Line Array workshop since 2015 or d&b Software and System fundamentals workshop, d&b Workflow workshop
  • d&b IP and Dante networks workshop or d&big Networkshop or a Dante level 2 certificate If there are any questions or uncertainties regarding the preconditions to this workshop, we will be pleased to answer any call or email for clarification. Or simply communicate your request/concern when filling out the registration form.

About the background:

The d&b Soundscape workshop assumes fundamental knowledge and experienced handling of d&b audiotechnik systems. There will be no basic and fundamental explanations about the use of the ArrayCalc and R1 Software or Dante audio networks. Familiar handling of these tools is a precondition for a meaningful participation. The workshop content focuses on the numerous additional features to confidently operate and start up a d&b Soundscape system along the d&b workflow. Since all participants will be assigned active tasks of cooperation in the workshop, it is essential that the above mentioned preconditions are met.

More details

The Goal

Participants will gain theoretical and practical experience to confidently plan and set up a d&b Soundscape System. Efficient configuration examples are demonstrated as well as the use of protocols, such as Dante, OCA, and OSC. All this will provide a general overview to reliably link d&b systems with audio signals and control networks.


  • We will start with an introduction to the motivation and ideas behind the d&b Soundscape system approach.
  • Detailed view of the features of the DS100 signal matrix and its configurations.
  • Refresh of localization and psychoacoustic principles.
  • Introduction to En-Scene, the positioning algorithm within the DS100. From mono through stereo to object-based signal reproduction.
  • Discussion on Soundscape system design criteria. What should the system provide in terms of coverage and loudspeaker quantity?
  • En-Scene function groups and their behavior regarding signal processing on several loudspeaker groups.
  • Moving Sound Objects: Sound Object behavior and sound object parameters.
  • ArrayCalc special features regarding Soundscape. How does Soundscape integrate into the d&b workflow?
  • Considerations regarding room acoustics and their influence on reverberation times.
  • Introduction to the working principles of En-Space, the onboard engine for emulated room acoustics.
  • En-Space signal flow and working principles in conjunction with En-Scene.
  • Control of the d&b Soundscape using external controllers. Basic introduction to the OSC protocol and mapping principles for external Soundscape control.
  • At the end: Soundcheck with the “d&band”.


The workshop or seminar content is conveyed in a format that encourages the participants to play an active role, for example to exchange experiences or use practical examples.

Duration and Time

One and a half days


Every participant is provided with a a folder and USB stick containing all relevant documentation and software.


Every participant is presented with a certificate at the end of the event in which they have taken part.


Upon receipt of the registration form, participants will be sent written confirmation including hotel recommendations. If unable to attend, please inform d&b in writing six working days before the workshop begins. In the event that the workshop is cancelled for organizational reasons, d&b will of course inform participants in good time.

d&b reserve the right to make alterations and additions to the workshop and seminar programs.

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