d&b Y-Series and T-Series workshop

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This two day workshop offers information about the Y-Series and the T-Series systems and their use in the working environment: Two days of in-depth knowledge about efficient planning and set up of the two series. Plenty of practical exercises makes it a realistic model of the daily work, including the integrated d&b workflow that improves efficiency all the way from the start of a project through planning and simulation to management of the final result.

An introduction to basic electroacoustics and familiarization with d&b mounting and rigging accessories can be booked separately with the d&basics 1-day workshop up front.

Upcoming dates of this event

May 2019
d&b Y-Series and T-Series workshop
No. BYT-INT-2019-00459-004
Backnang, Germany
June 2019
d&b Y-Serie- und T-Serie Workshop
No. BYT-DE-2019-00460-004
Backnang, Germany