For some, a minor matter. For us, a matter of pride.

You’ll see your coworkers around. But not only at work. Sometimes you’ll see them at the water park in Backnang, which d&b has a partnership with. Or in our cafeteria, where we offer our employees delicious meals and snacks at discounted rates every day. Water, tea, and coffee free of charge? Of course! But the following benefits are even more interesting:

  • Our employer-financed company pension plan
  • The ability to contribute a portion of your salary to a subsidized direct insurance policy
  • Continued salary payments in the event of illness for up to six months
  • 30 days of leave per year

And to make it easier to organize your family life, the ability to work from home and flexible working hours are a matter of course at d&b (if the job allows). Not to mention, sometimes you’ll even find a parking space in the morning – but only if you get in early. 
What we don’t have are open-plan offices. But let’s be honest, who needs them? 

By the way, our site in Backnang is only 27 kilometers northeast of Stuttgart and there’s an S-Bahn station nearby. In fact, the S-Bahn usually arrives on time – well, maybe not during rush hour. But it’s no big deal, because the next one always comes five minutes later.

Does this sound really good to you, too? Then check out our job listings to find the perfect position.

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