d&b audiotechnik software
d&b audiotechnik software



Noise prediction software for d&b systems

  • Accurately predict sound propagation of d&b systems at outdoor events
  • Choice of international standards for calculations (CNOSSOS-EU, ISO 9613-2 and Nord2000)
  • Import system settings directly from ArrayCalc
  • Geodata import from Google Maps and OpenStreetMap

Product description

d&b NoizCalc software calculates sound propagation from d&b sound systems at outdoor events. It uses system data from the d&b ArrayCalc simulation software and creates a noise grid map according to international standards. With these tools, the optimal sonic experience is delivered reliably and faithfully to the right ears, and not the wrong ones.

d&b NoizCalc can model complex systems consisting of many types of d&b loudspeakers, including line arrays, point sources, subwoofer arrays, fill and delay systems.

System designers can also simulate adjustments to the way each element of a system is placed and powered in order to achieve the desired result.

d&b NoizCalc was developed in collaboration with SoundPLAN, a specialist software developer for environmental noise prediction.


ISO 9613-2 is widely accepted and assumes favorable conditions for sound propagation thus providing a solid base for a worst-case noise scenario regarding meteorological conditions.

CNOSSOS-EU is being adopted by European union member states. It provides higher accuracy than ISO 9613-2, and the probability of favourable weather conditions is user definable.

The model used in the Nord2000 standard is more sophisticated regarding the consideration of physical effects (reflections, coherence lengths etc.) and meteorological conditions. Specific weather scenarios can be calculated and compared.

System requirements
Intel/AMD 1.5 GHz (Intel i5 or higher recommended)
Windows 7 or higher (64bit version recommended)
4 GB (8 GB recommended)
Free disk space
160 MB
NoizCalc tutorial. 2. Software workflow

1/2 – NoizCalc tutorial. 2. Software workflow

NoizCalc tutorial. 1. What is NoizCalc?

2/2 – NoizCalc tutorial. 1. What is NoizCalc?

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