People and planet. 
Purpose and preservation.

d&b takes its business responsibilities seriously. At the heart of that commitment is the conscientious creation of products that make listening more enjoyable and life a little easier. It means providing co-workers with a healthy and enriching place to work, and it means protecting the natural world for future generations. It’s about thinking long term and acting now.

 Everyday d&b operates with the utmost care, from purchasing office furniture and supplies to marketing, production and waste disposal. At the same time, the d&b co-workers are driving initiatives and projects that matter most to them. The projects chosen are as varied and unique as the individuals themselves. 

While there is always more to do, improvements to be made and lessons to be learned, the stories, steps and standards included here, capture the collective conscientiousness at work in d&b today.

d&b affirms its long-term commitment to far-reaching principles of sustainability.

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d&b promotes creative projects by joining partnerships and joint ventures.

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d&b co-workers support sustainable social projects and institutions.

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