What’s better than success? Shared success!

As a company whose pro audio innovations from Baden-Württemberg have taken the world by storm, we at d&b are focused and passionate about continuing to set new global standards in the future. This is a goal that also requires the appropriate underlying conditions. As such, our managers’ job is to create the right environment for just that – at d&b, excellence in the pro audio sector, performance, and success are fostered and made possible by trusting in each other and working together in a cooperative, mutually respectful, and mutually beneficial manner. In this context, transparency is the key to our success. That’s why comprehensive information, in-depth communication, and a lively exchange of ideas and opinions play a central role in our corporate culture on a day-to-day basis. We put this into practice through a philosophy of open doors and short lines of communication – across all levels of the hierarchy.

But it goes without saying that “collective rituals” are equally part of d&b’s corporate culture. This means that barbecues and impromptu get-togethers aren’t the exception, but have been the rule since the company was founded in 1981. After all, accomplishments we’ve made together should also be celebrated together.

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