What’s better than planning a career? Launching a career.

At companies like ours, working with employees to help them develop and advance their careers is a matter of course. Because it’s in the company’s own best interest. Regular feedback meetings with binding agreements on objectives? They all have them, and so do we. Qualified vocational training programs, advanced training courses, and training opportunities that are geared to employees’ personal goals? Of course, that’s standard nowadays! 
So what makes the d&b Group different from others? It sounds trivial, but it has a huge impact and decisive advantages – at our company, you can actually see the fruits of your own labor. 
And this is due to the fact that we not only give you responsibilities early on, but we also deliberately give you the creative freedom you need to develop your own ideas – and then implement them. This is how a good idea can also turn into a project. 
In a nutshell, at d&b it pays to be motivated and come up with your own ideas.

And there’s another special thing about d&b that will help you in your career: ELF, our Education Learning Factory, which is what we call the learning ecosystem at d&b. The focus here is on personalized advanced training opportunities that you can take advantage of on your own. At any time and from any location. This means that you’ll automatically improve your personal and professional skills and continue to develop.

By implementing the Education Learning Factory, we’ve created a valuable and, at the same time, expandable foundation that has been met with extremely positive feedback internally. We’re proud to have received the 2022 Learning Award. Many thanks to all of our employees and, of course, to the project team. Together, they have created a high-end learning ecosystem with passion and the power of the Wir-Gefühl.Karen Wefelmeyer, Director HR

How does that sound to you? Like attractive development opportunities? Then check out our job openings now.

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