The d&b Code of Conduct.

Conduct that respects the basic values of society without limitation has always been a matter of course for d&b. But the company is growing continuously. d&b is internationally active and maintains business relations with different countries and cultures. Furthermore, the number of new colleagues, customers, and partners is increasing. With this in mind, the company has formulated a Code of Conduct that is binding for all co‑workers of d&b, including the management board: consistent, fair, and in line with internationally recognized standards.

The Code of Conduct defines general standards for the activity and conduct of the company and its co‑workers. That makes it the mandatory benchmark from a business, legal, and ethical perspective for interaction with colleagues, customers, business partners, suppliers, and other company stakeholders.

The Code of Conduct is more than a moral compass. It also helps prevent potential problems such as discrimination or abuse. For example, d&b takes responsibility for occupational health and safety, data privacy, and environmental protection – and condemns discrimination, money laundering, and corruption. These subjects are also part of the Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct makes relevant rules of behavior fixed elements of the activity of d&b. Worldwide. And that ensures transparency, provides security, and builds trust.

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