d&b audiotechnik partners with MxU to develop Better Leaders. Better Mixers.

MxU and audio technology solutions company d&b audiotechnik have joined forces for MxU’s 2018 one-day events. Created for engineers, musicians and creatives, the aim of these events is to realize the MxU vision, as the MxU team explains: ‘Better Leaders. Better Mixers. That’s it. It’s pretty simple. We think it’s a bit unorthodox for FoH engineers to engage in leadership, but to us, the leadership component is the secret sauce. Show us one amazing audio engineer that displays poor leadership — it’s actually quite rare. Unlocking great leadership skills as a FoH engineer is really the key to becoming a better mixer. It’s about conversations, influence, and change just as much as it is about technique and gear. You can only progress so far in mixing before you must involve the band in your process. That’s where Better Leaders. Better Mixers comes from.”
This ‘ultimate audio non-conference’ kicks off in Chicago, IL on May 21, before heading to Boston, MA on August 21 and Orlando, FL on November 12.
With a busy podcast and social media following, the MxU gigs offer attendees a rare opportunity to hang out with three of the world’s top worship audio engineers: Jeff Sandstrom (Sonnet House, Passion Conferences and North Point Community Church), Lee Fields (Lincoln Brewster and Bayside Church) and Andrew Stone (Church on the Move and touring veteran).
MxU explains: “At MxU we take pride in talking about multiple approaches, multiple consoles, multiple mixing styles, and multiple console choices. That’s because we believe your choice in those areas aren’t linchpins to having a great mix. But there’s just one PA in the room. If there’s one thing a church must get right, it’s design and speaker choice. Balancing all this alongside the cost and stewardship have led us to link arms with our comrades at d&b. We can confidently say that d&b has products for churches of all sizes with budgets both large and small.
“We’ve all had contact with d&b on a user level for years, however, what really made this partnership make sense is the culture and values of d&b aligning with our own. Educating our brother and sister FoH engineers, engaging them with language and terminology they use daily, and providing a fun, ‘no-sales’ environment to learn is the best marketing a company could ask for. That’s why we love d&b, they believe this too.” 
Asher Dowson, House of Worship Segment Manager at d&b: “Our dedicated Education programme demonstrates our passion for empowering users everywhere to design great systems and deliver incredible experiences. d&b has been providing audio technology solutions to houses of worship for many years now, so teaming up with the MxU guys is a great fit, as well as helping us develop new ways to engage and serve our users and customers in this market.”

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