A Study of Human Perception of Temporal and Spectral Distortion Caused by Subwoofer Arrays.

Authors: Shabalina, Elena; Ramuscak, Janko; Vorl√§nder, Michael
Publication Date: 13.05.2011
Permalink: www.aes.org/e-lib/browse.cfm?elib=15836

One of the primary tasks for a sound reinforcement system generally is to provide an even sound pressure level distribution over the whole listening area and to reduce radiation in unwanted directions. For this, defined directivity of the sound system is required. For low frequencies, this is typically achieved by using multiple sound sources, placed in a row in front of the stage. This technique helps to avoid a phenomenon usually experienced with a conventional left/right setup of subwoofers - strong sound pressure level variations within the audience. On the other hand, multiple sources cause changes of the impulse and magnitude frequency responses. Listening tests showed that these changes are audible for experienced listeners.

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