Far-field noise prediction for open-air events. Part 1: Background and propagation models.

Authors: Christner, Matthias; Schaal, Jochen; Zollitsch, Dieter; Shabalina, Elena; Belcher, Daniel
Publication Date: 11.05.2017
Permalink: secure.aes.org/forum/pubs/conventions/?elib=18664

In the past the main focus of loudspeaker manufacturers and sound system designers was to provide the best possible sound quality for the listeners. With the number of these events increasing along with the number of the affected inhabitants and their complaints, the focus is shifting towards including predicting and minimising the noise in the neighbourhood in the planning of an open air event. The presented calculation method is designed to close the gap between the environmental noise propagation models and complex loudspeaker system models. The implementation of the Nord2000 and ISO 9613-2 propagation models were extended to include complex loudspeaker setups. This paper presents the motivation and the theoretical background of the new prediction method.

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