Measurements of Diffuse Field Absorption of Audience at Low Frequencies.

Authors: Shabalina, Elena; Shanin, Andrey; Vorländer, Michael
Publication Date: 03.2012

Correct absorption coefficients of audience are important to predict reverberation time in occupied concert halls. A lot of measurements were conducted, for example by L.Beranek in 1960 [1] and Kuhl&Kath in 1964 [2], but they were mainly restricted to the frequencies above 100Hz due to the lack of interest in the lower frequency range or to the sizes of available reverberation chambers. Modern sound reinforcement systems extend the reproduced frequency range down to 20 Hz, so corresponding data are required. In the present paper we aim to obtain the data from diffuse field measurements in a regular-sized reverberation chamber and to find out if there is any influence of the density of the audience on the absorption.

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