Corporate events.

A company-wide presentation is designed to align each team member with the overall corporate vision. Is it enough to engage just the few who can hear, or better excite the entire room?

The d&b fixation on broadband directivity ensures that the A-Series accurately reproduces any material, from a keynote speech to an energizing live performance.

Corporate events scale in size, so does the A-Series. Depending on the local requirements, a cohesive, broad coverage is achieved using arrays of two to four loudspeakers with a selective coverage of 50° to 150°.
Variable splay angles extend the coverage options and possibilities, while respecting budget considerations and sightlines in equal measure.

Midrange Directivity Control targets the frequency range that transmits speech, so that the unifying message is heard by all. ArrayProcessing ensures it is delivered with equal power and authenticity throughout the audience area.

To cover the required dynamics in the low-frequency range below 80 Hz, there is a range of d&b subwoofers to choose from.

Example setup:

  • Main system: 3 vertical arrays of 3 x AL90 each
  • System dispersion vertical: 70°–110°
  • Total weight per array: 74kg
  • Amplifier channels (D20): 9
  • Upgradeable to Soundscape En-Scene
  • 180 main system with AL90, 2 x D20,
  • 1 x DS100 with En-Scene
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