Dance Clubs.

Is a club only as good as its sound?

It is an important aspect of course, which the A-Series fully embraces with its advanced waveguide, bipole driver arrangement and the d&b fixation on constant directivity.

The total club experience has also been accounted for. This compact system is happy for the interior design to take center stage visually, hanging discreetly in tight spaces. Whether a first system or a technical upgrade, the A-Series installs easily leaving more time for booking DJs.

Precise acoustic optimization is accomplished through ArrayProcessing while strong vertical directivity prevents unwanted reflections from low ceilings, ensuring only the purest sound fills the room.

The A-Series delivers exceptionally consistent continuous coverage with more power than a point source system for a truly visceral dancefloor experience.

With all this and a range of Custom solutions available to accommodate any unique design, construction or weatherization requirements, the A-Series distinguishes itself beyond simply offering transcendent sound.

Not unlike a club.

Example setup:

  • 4 arrays
  • Number of loudspeakers per array: 2 x ALi90, vertically flown
  • System dispersion horizontally: 50° 70°
  • Setup: Midrange Directivity Control
  • Total weight per array: 52 kg