Normally an awkward audience layout to cover, the large vertical coverage requirement isn’t a problem: the A-Series covers wider areas with vertical splay that spans a range of 50° to 150° degrees, and with more SPL than a point source system.

Everyone experiences the same full-impact sonic thrill that cuts through the roar of the crowd. A medium throw maintains intelligibility by reducing reflections off of walls, while ArrayProcessing distributes frequencies evenly across the entire section. The number of loudspeakers required is kept to a minimum, reducing the overall weight of the system and without causing visual interference.

Example setup:

  • Main bowl system: 18 arrays
  • Number of loudspeakers per array: 3 x AL90 array, vertically flown
  • System dispersion vertical: 70°–110°
  • Setup: Midrange Directivity Control
  • Total weight per array: 74 kg
  • Amplifier channels (30D): 36