The arrangement of the rows of seats in a stadium requires loudspeaker systems with the capability to serve very large vertical dispersion angles.

No problem for the A-Series, as it also covers wide areas of up to 150° very evenly and with significantly more level than individual point source systems.

Everyone experiences the same impressive acoustic thrill that cuts through the roar of the crowd.
With the A-Series, the number of loudspeakers required is reduced to a minimum. The compact array length ensures that sight lines are retained.

Some fans go home with the excitement of a victory, others experience the bitter taste of disappointment. But for all the power and emotion on the pitch and in the stands was the reason to experience the match live.

Example setup:

  • Main bowl system: 18 arrays
  • Number of loudspeakers per array: 3 x AL90 array, vertically flown
  • System dispersion vertical: 70°–110°
  • Setup: Midrange Directivity Control
  • Total weight per array: 74 kg
  • Amplifier channels (30D): 36
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