Smaller theaters inject a vital, dynamic energy into the performing arts which is worth nothing if it can’t be heard, and heard very well.

The A-Series offers the same exceptional sound quality heard in the world greatest theaters, fully scalable to suit any room size. An audio experience that is every bit as elegant as the auditorium.

The A-Series offers a large vertical and even coverage and due to its compact size, it can be mounted without affecting sight lines.

The setup variants of the A-Series redefine the word "flexible". Dispersion angles from 50° to 150° in the vertical or horizontal mounting plane ensure optimum coverage of almost every audience area by a small number of speakers deployed in the array. This reduces system weight to a real minimum.

As a single loudspeaker, even narrowly defined audience areas can be supplied optimally.

A combination of different tools for acoustic optimization gives every loudspeaker setup maximum clarity and delivers a homogeneous sound image throughout the auditorium.

Example setup:

  • Main system: 2 arrays
  • Number of loudspeakers per array: 3 x ALi60, vertically flown
  • System dispersion vertical: 70°–110°
  • Setup: ArrayProcessing
  • Total weight per array: 74kg
  • Center fill: One array, 2 x ALi90, vertically flown – Midrange Directivity
  • Control setup
  • Subwoofers: 2 x Vi-GSUB (R/L)
  • Amplifier channels (30D): 9
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