Seaesta sets sail with an incredible audio experience.

Earlier this year the impressive Seaesta was launched, boasting an impressive audio USP. The first of nine Oasis 35M superyachts from Italian yacht builder Benetti, it features a d&b sound system created to replicate the experience of a nightclub – one that blows other ships’ speakers out of the water.

Designing a system that went far beyond the typical home multimedia systems that you might find on board similarly sized craft was especially important to the client, an avid music lover who spends time DJ’ing.

The challenge for audio consultant Backstage Israel LTD & was to envelope guests in great music, while ensuring the sound system complemented the elegance of the craft’s lines and didn’t get in the way of the incredible sea views.

It also needed to be ready for all-weather conditions – from gentle sea spray to more thunderous soakings on exposed areas. But above all, the crucial marker was sound quality, powerful enough to make the best on-board parties really boom.


The Seaesta was equipped with d&b products across the decks – a combination of Y-Series and E-Series speakers. The sun deck is home to four Vi7P’s and four Bi6’s – all sea water-resistant, while the main deck hosts two Yi7P’s, two Yi10P’s (high weather resistant) and two E15X subs (weather resistant). The final piece of the puzzle was a sea water-resistant E8 DJ monitor. The system came in the colour white, which ensured the design complemented the ship, blending seamlessly into the background. This on-water sound system rivals land-based systems and sets a new bar for superyachts everywhere.

The system has brought the ability to enjoy the highest quality sound to host parties on the ship, something that could not be done with a normal audio system.Installer, Backstage Israel LT &

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