d&b audiotechnik delivers elegance to Warsaw Jazz Club.

The versatile d&b xA installation Series proved just the right fit for new minimalist Jazz club Jassmine in the heart of Warsaw.

The club is situated on the second basement level of the recently opened Nobu hotel, a branch of the wider Nobu brand, brainchild of world-renowned chef Nobu Matsuhisa and actor Robert De Niro, and exudes cool confidence and quality.

With the audience seated on small, lamp-lit tables, the club can host up to 190 people, serving its guests high-class cuisine and exclusive concerts. This layout may be expected in a traditional Jazz environment, but on closer inspection the wood clad walls, earthy color palette and sphere-shaped lamps make a statement of modernity and quality; a statement that extends to the new d&b audio system installed by Polish d&b partner Konsbud Audio.

The main aim of the club’s design was to deliver excellent sound to each individual table and audience member but also provide areas of the club where the music takes a backseat but stays clear, audible and crisp. With this in mind a variety of acoustical treatments support the sound system in delivering the required results.

Konsbud Audio chose the d&b xA installation series to create the desired atmosphere.

Jassmine was looking for great sound quality that does not interfere with the intimate character of the club. The xA-Series matches the size of the venue perfectly and its clean design fits the interior beautifully.Dawid Chrabalowski, Technical Support at Konsbud

“It’s a compact system, consisting of only 18 loudspeakers but it is big on sound and absolutely capable.” he finishes.

The d&b xA-Series has been designed to be lightweight and compact and provides a choice of either the 10AL cabinet with narrow dispersion or the 10AL-D with a wide dispersion, making it very flexible and easy to integrate. Konsbud chose the narrow dispersion cabinet, preventing unwanted reflections, a particular challenge for Jassmine’s long and narrow rooms.

The final result is an audio solution that complements its sophisticated surroundings with clear, quality sounds for its dining and listening audiences alike.

It’s incredible how well this sound system works in such a small space. We had a concert with 18 artists on stage and each instrument was perfectly audible. This system lets you truly enjoy the music.Adam Tarasiuk, Artistic Director at Jassmine

Artistic Director at Jassmine, Adam Tarasiuk is delighted: “Music and artists are most important to us. To enable the audience to enjoy them as much as we do, we wanted to create an environment that delivers a seamless and smooth experience. The club is comfortable, it smells nice, there are no queues so listening to music becomes a celebration of the moment.”

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