Conditions of participation for d&b training

  1. General Information
    • All training services offered by our company are based on these "General Terms and Conditions".
  2. Contract and Services
    1. When you submit the registration form and subsequently receive an automatically generated confirmation of receipt and booking confirmation by e-mail, a contract for participation in a workshop will be concluded between you and d&b audiotechnik.
    2. The services correspond to the information regarding the venue, time, duration and content on the d&b website at the time of registration.
    3. d&b reserves the right to make changes and additions to the workshop and seminar programmes at any time.
    4. If the participant has no previous knowledge, d&b reserves the right to turn down attendance at the workshop in the interest of the participant and other participants.
  3. Work Material
    1. A laptop with Windows or OS X is required for the workshops. The software needed for the workshop must be installed on this laptop. A laptop with local administrator rights is therefore required. The system requirements relating to the operating system and the laptop can be found on the website in each software program to be installed (ArrayCalc, R1, NoizCalc, etc.).
    2. During the majority of workshops you will receive work material in the form of work sheets and exercise files. This material is subject to copyright and may not be copied, passed on or used in any other way without the permission of d&b audiotechnik.
    3. Safe working clothes and footwear are recommended for the practical part.
  4. Certificates, Attendance Certificates
    • At the end of every workshop you will receive a certificate which shows that you attended the particular workshop and/or seminar.
  5. Workshop Fees or Seminar Fees
    1. Participation in a d&b workshop is free of charge. The participant must only pay the costs which he/she incurred when travelling to and from the workshop venue as well as his/her own accommodation costs.
    2. Attendance fees may be incurred for participation in a d&b seminar. These fees for the particular seminar are shown on the d&b website.
  6. Payment Modalities and Invoice
    • After or with the booking confirmation, the participant will receive an invoice showing the seminar costs. The payment deadline for the fees is shown on the invoice.
  7. Cancellation
    • Just in case… If you are unable to attend the seminar and/or workshop for which you registered, would you please inform us in good time or at the latest 14 days before the start of the training course so that no unnecessary costs for any hotel booking are incurred and we can assign the place to another interested party. Full reimbursement of the seminar fees is still possible up to 14 days before the start of the seminar.
  8. Organizational Changes
    • What happens if the training course is cancelled?
    • Would you please note that it may also happen that a seminar or a workshop has to be canceled. We cannot then accept any liability for incurred costs, e.g. for rooms you booked, travel reservations, etc. In this case, any seminar costs already paid will be fully reimbursed.
  9. Liability Exclusion
    1. During the event, d&b audiotechnik will assume no liability for accidents or other injuries to the participants, or for thefts or damage to the participants' belongings.
    2. d&b audiotechnik will also assume no liability when the participants travel to and from the events.
  10. Participants' Liability for Equipment
    • If participants are provided with equipment belonging to d&b audiotechnik, they will be liable for damage to this equipment even if caused by slight negligence.
  11. Hotel
    • On request, d&b audiotechnik will make a suggestion regarding accommodation. d&b will keep a certain room contingent for participants at suggested hotels for up to 4 weeks before the start of the workshop and/or seminar. If a reservation has not been made up to this point in time, the contingent will be forfeited and the participants must look for available rooms on their own.