WILM workshop

For the fourth time, d&b will be welcoming WOMEN IN LIVE MUSIC to a workshop at their headquarters in Backnang. For two full and two half days we will go through Line array theory, ArrayCalc and some listening experiences. There will also be introduction into Soundscape and how to work with it. We also would like to discuss if and how women feel accepted in the event business and event industry and what kind of solutions are required to address gender equity.

Much more in a specially designed workshop for WILM members. This workshop is as usual free of charge and is open to all genders. Sign up now.

The workshop starts April 3rd at noon with lunch and ends April 6th on noon after lunch.

Upcoming dates

Sorry, there are no dates currently scheduled for this session. Discover the d&b online training program - check out the Education calendar to sign up now.