13 June 2021

d&b audiotechnik is looking forward to participating in the Live Sound Summit 2021.

A variety of highly qualified professionals will share their experiences and their field-tested strategies with you during these days. Join the talks online that are relevant to your work and choose from seven different topics to receive exclusive content and offers.

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The self-aware PA system and the future of live sound - Talk

June 15, 4:00 pm UTC
Nick Malgieri
(d&b Advanced Systems Specialist)

d&b's approach to immersive audio is about much more than adding the ability for sounds to come from behind the listener. The goal is to have a system which uses applied intelligence to automatically interpret the engineers artistic goals and apply those intentions onto the available loudspeakers. The result is a system which is self-aware and automatically optimized. No more pink noise and hours of tuning.... just let the system work for you. Gone are the days of a 'stereo sweet spot'... all listeners are now in the sweet spot. Together we will investigate the current and future capabilities of our systems to best understand where the technology of sound reinforcement is headed.

The hardware behind d&b Soundscape

Watch this video introduction to learn about the DS100 System Processor matrix.

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